Compensation Consultants Salary Data Resources

Over 3,000 employers and compensation experts trust JSI's salary data. Rely on our data programs as a component of your compensation resources. We offer statistically significant data for almost 1,000 occupations in 560 regions of the U. S. Whether you need to fill in gaps in an existing database or began a new benchmarking project, JSI delivers reliable salary data.

Compensation consultants salary data programs:

HR Salary Calculator - need quick salary data for 1 or 2 occupations? Easy, fast and reliable- this program has been an industry benchmark since 2009. $25 per analysis.

Temp Workers Calculator - reliable salary data for over 450 temp workers occupations. The industry standard for staffing agencies and temp workers. $25 per analysis.

Data Set Builder - our #1 program! Generate your own custom salary data sets by region and industry. You receive wage band and median salary data for each work level within an occupation. Comprehensive and reliable data, instantly.
$50 per analysis.

Free programs for adjusting your existing data sets:

Benefits Data - occupation and region specific benefits data. Easy to use program with results displayed on a single output page.

Data Aging Calculator - select an occupation and specify a year. The program will provide you with the the annualized wage inflation for the occupation.

Data Regionalization Calculator - need to know the wage differential from one region to another? This program will provide your answer instantly.

Looking for data relating to Labor Market Analytics? We have data to support: Diversity analysis, geographic variances, cost/benefit analysis of educational attainment, industry labor characteristics, and legal, IRS, INS support. Send an email request to

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